My Current Thoughts

      I am pleased with the performance of both the Growth Fund and the Income Fund.  Note that there is no need for me to post weekly gains or losses as the performance of the funds is tracked on a separate page.  But I will say that I was actually surprised by the performance of VIPS being as good as it is.  They announce earnings on February 25th, so it may be case of “buy on the rumor, sell on the news”, so don’t be upset if the stock underperforms on that day.  I would still hold on the stock as well as all of the others in the portfolio.  As for the Income Fund, several of the stocks have underperformed, but remember that the primary purpose of this fund in income via dividends, so again, just sit back and enjoy receiving dividend payouts in excess of the S&P average.   read more


I made a small investment in this company.  It is a security robot company that appears to have great prospects.   Here is a link for more information:

Invest in the future. | Knightscope, Inc.


This is a very speculative investment, so only invest with money that you could afford to lose.  You may make a lot of money or the stock could end up being worthless.   I think the company will do very well, but of course there are no guarantees.  So please carefully read the prospectus and only invest if you understand both the potential losses as well as gains. read more

V54 Released – Added Breadth Analysis to Model

I have added a check on Breadth to the base algorithm.  This is looking at the number of stocks reaching new highs versus new lows, the number of stocks advancing versus declining, and the number of stocks above or below their 21dma.  It looks at this data across the S&P100 (very large caps), S&P500, S&P400 (midcaps), and S&P600 (small caps).  Version 54 performs with a higher RAR and higher Win Percentage than V53.  read more