About Us

The principals behind this site are:

Mark Bates.  Mark is a co-founder of the site and holds a Certified Financial Technician certification from the International Federation of Technical Analysts.  He is also a member of the TSAA-SF, which is the oldest society in the US dedicated to the study of technical investing.  In addition he is a member of the Atlanta Technical Analyst Society.  https://www.meetup.com/Atlanta-Technical-Analyst-Society/

Email:  Mark <asterisk> Onthemarkinvesting.com

Dan Miley.  Dan is a co-founder of the site and is a successful fundamental-style investor with 30 years of experience in markets of all kinds.  An MBA, he also understands business and finance, as he started and ran a successful, multi-million dollar computer services company.   

Email:  Dan <asterisk> Onthemarkinvesting.com

Roger Kobel.  Roger is a highly successful retired business owner.  He has a passion for successfully managing his personal investments toward a successful and active retirement.   He is also highly adept at data and trend analysis as well as analytic tools such as Microsoft Power BI.   

Email:  Roger <asterisk> Onthemarkinvesting.com