ETF Retirement Strategy Overview

This site is designed for people who care to manage their own retirement funds.  We are likeminded individuals who want a low-risk investment strategy  that will survive economic swings, will not require constant attention, and is easy to understand and maintain.


We have developed (and continue to refine) an ETF-based strategy that is centered around a few philosophies:

  • “Buckets” that are for “Cash”, “Fixed Income”, “Dividend Equities”, and “Long Term Equities”.
  • A technical philosophy that is based on Price relative to the Long Term Moving Average of Price
  • A Monthly cadence.  No changes in asset allocation, position sizes or trading intramonth.
  • A statistically supported back-testing of ETF performance under the strategy that includes Monte Carlo analysis testing
  • A link of the strategy to economic data from the Federal Reserve as a confirming factor on ENTRY and EXIT

We readily admit that we don’t have all the answers, and we welcome anyone that would like to collaborate with us to refine our methods.