A hedge for Inflation

Some of you may remember that I touted the virtues of I-bonds back in July.  Now CNBC finally sees my wisdom:


Sweating inflation? This risk-free bond pays 7.12% for next six months (cnbc.com)


Also note that you can buy up $5000.00 in paper bonds if you get a tax refund.  Finally, note that boring old EE bonds are still guaranteed to double if held for 20 years – that works out to be a 3.5% rate of return (considering that a regular 20-year Treasury only pays 1.87%).   read more

Commentary for the week of 11/29/2021

Well, another week, another COVID variant.  This one is called “Omicron”.  Biden is banning non-Americans flying in from South African countries starting today.  Americans can enter assuming that they test negative for a COVID test (which is not always accurate and the incubation period is variable).    I guess that the virus must be smarter than we thought.  Apparently it can check a person’s passport and not infect Americans!  Utter nonsense.  The virus is probably already in the US so the ban will probably won’t do anything.  The real answer is to help those countries get vaccinated ASAP – Africa is the least vaccinated in the world.   read more

Commentary for week ending 11/06/2021

Well, Congress has finally passed the “hard” infrastructure bill – something that they could have passed many months ago, if not for the progressives insistence on coupling the bill to the “soft” infrastructure bill.  It defies my imagination as to why they couldn’t come to the quite logical decision that something is better than nothing.  I guess that is why I will never be a politician.  To me, even if I was a member of the progressives, I would have voted for the first bill, and then break up the bigger “soft” bill into component pieces that would be easier to swallow.  I am sure that are some parts of the large bill that would find support among Republicans and more moderate Democrats.  Again, something is better than nothing! read more