I wonder if Warren Buffett reads my posts…

I saw this morning:

Royalty Pharma, Floor & Decor Shares Climb as Berkshire Hathaway Buys Stakes | Morningstar


It is interesting to note that I recommended Floor & Decor Holdings (FND) last January, but it took Berkshire Hathaway over a year to find it!  

Anyway, I just had to “crow” a bit on this one.  But please don’t go out and buy FND today, as all the lemmings will read the report and buy up on the stock just because Buffett bought it.  Remember that holding releases of BRKA are a lagging indicator and he could be selling what you are buying.  So please hold the stock if you already do, but don’t buy any today, as that would probably be a fool’s errand.  


One other note, Buffett also unloaded shares of Merck and Bristol-Meyers.  But as I said, don’t try to chase Buffett, just hold on and collect your dividends.  I don’t think he needs dividends as much as you and I do.







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