Commentary for week ending 09/11/2021

Looking at the title of this commentary, I have to make some comments on the 20 year anniversary of that terrible day in history.  On that day in 2001, I was in San Francisco as a “way station” on my way to Hawaii for a vacation. Needless to say, the Hawaiian portion of my vacation was cancelled. I wasn’t able to return home until the following Sunday. The world was with us on that day and afterward, it is a tragedy that unity was squandered.  And I am sure that you have probably had your fill of documentaries on the subject, but I recommend that you watch “Rise and Fall : The World Trade Center” on the History Channel. It has some interesting facts on how the towers were built as well as their tragic fall.  Fortunately, I didn’t lose any friends or family on 9/11, although several of my friends worked in NYC and they suffered PTSD from the trauma of that day. And several years prior to 2001, I commuted to Wall Street thru the WTC at about the same time that the planes hit and thought – wow I could have been there – fate works in strange ways, doesn’t it?  Finally, did you know that the pilots assigned to bring down United 93 were on a suicide mission?  There wasn’t time to arm the plane!  They were going to ram the aircraft.  Again, fate intervened.   read more

Regrets, I’ve had a few But then again, too few to mention

The above quote from the “ole Blue Eyes” song sums up my thoughts on the Miley Growth Fund and the Miley Income Fund.  On the Growth Fund, I have regretted recommending BABA and VIPS – the performance of the fund would have been a lot better without them.  But as I mentioned, I think that the Chinese government will eventually come to its senses (and the stocks are improving a bit today).  It also illustrates the fact that diversification lessens the impact of bad choices like BABA and VIPS.  As for the other stocks in the growth fund, notice that my confidence in NFLX has been rewarded – the stock is rebounding today.  I may make some adjustments to the fund in January on the fund’s year anniversary, but for now stay the course with all of the stocks in the fund. read more