Commentary for the week ending 07/17/2021

I am so glad that those poor families making only $150,000/year are receiving their first childcare credits!  Another example of government largesse gone wild.  Despite the paradoxical drop in bond prices, I think we are on the road to inflation, or maybe, as a Barron’s commentary said this weekend, the “stagflation” of the 1970’s.  “Stagflation”, for those you unfamiliar with the term, is inflation without growth.  read more

Commentary for week ending 07/10/2021

My apologies for being a bit late on commentary.   Also, my apologies for picking OLLI, BABA and VIPS as they have performed terribly.  But their underperformance points makes my point on diversification – by allocating no more than 5% to any one stock, poor performance is ameliorated by good performance of the other stocks in the portfolio.  On OLLI, I still think it is undervalued, and I recommend holding it.  As for the Chinese stocks (BABA and VIPS), I think that the Chinese government is trying to send a strong message to the company owners that they are in charge.  But they will soon recognize that if they want the extraordinary revenues from these companies to continue, they will have to remove their jack boots from these companies’ necks.   read more

Month End June 2021 Comments

The S&P 500 tracking ETF SPY rose 1.3% in the month of June.  Analysis of the FRED economic data show that the economy is still in Phase 2 (late growth cycle), which is good for equities.


The ETF Portfolio technical investing algorithm calls for a July 1 investment in International Bonds (EDV), Emerging Market Bonds (EMB), and long term Treasury bonds (VCLT).  This is consistent with increase in the flow of monies into bond funds, which indicates that people are hedging these equity ETF bets.  There is too much money chasing too little sources of return, so even low paying bonds are getting play here.   read more