Retirement ETF Analysis – Month end February 2021

This strategy is based on a straightforward price vs 200 day moving average, plus a confirmation using FRED economic data.


The model sold three ETFs at month end February:  

  • MUB (municipal bonds)
  • XLU (utility SPDR)
  • EMB (emerging market bonds)

There were no new BUYs in the period.


This action makes sense.  The model sold international Bonds (BNDX) February 1 and VCLT (long term bond) on February 1 as hints of inflation began to percolate.  These additional bond actions are in keeping with the theory that inflation will begin to creep up due to post-COVID demand, additional economic stimulus, and scarcity in housing and certain large goods such as used cars, appliances and the like.  The idea of a $15 min wage and a stimulus check will put additional labor rate pressure at the low end.

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