Dagnino post 3/1 on Economic Phase, TLT

A couple of takeaways from Dagnino’s post at 12:05am this morning:
  • He believes that we are in Phase 2 of the economic cycle.  Our algorithms agree with that.  It bodes well in the near term for stocks.
  • He says that TLT is a trading opportunity.  He shows a chart where ROC (Rate of Change) is below a target of -10.  To me that is a short term trading opportunity.  Good to take a flyer on, but lon-term TLT is going down due to the influx of money into the economy.  Inflation will be on the rise at least for a while, and the FED won’t stop it because to a point (2% or so 3 mo treasury rate) that is where they want it.


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