TSAASF technical investing certificate program – only $99 dollars

I am a member of the TSAASF, and they are now offering a $99 program that provides an online-based overview of technical investing as well as a certificate.  This is a bargain, and would help you to develop a technical base to your fundamental analysis.  The invitation follows:

The Technical Securities Analysts Association of San Francisco is proud to announce the launch of its new Technical Analysis Certification Program, now available through the TSAA-SF website!

This self-study education platform was developed by TSAA-SF members through a partnership with Stockcharts.com and incorporates the teaching methods used by Golden Gate University professors in Technical Analysis. The curriculum is designed for the individual trader or investor who wants to learn the essentials of Technical Analysis.  It uses a cohesive and sequential process to walk you step-by-step through the vast amounts of FREE information on Technical Analysis contained in the Stockcharts.com ChartSchool website.

The Study Guide and section review questions are also FREE to use, as is the Practice Exam, which simulates the subject material and difficulty of the actual test.  The Final Exam itself costs only $99 and includes a certificate of completion from the TSAA-SF — a bargain compared to other websites and seminars that can run into the thousands of dollars to attend.

“The TSAA-SF Study Guide and Examinations are designed to be the best, the most convincing package of the basic tools of market analysis available to the individual trader-analyst. The Study Guide is a handy, easy to use catalog of the most commonly used charts, patterns, indicators and techniques.  Included are line charts, patterns, point-and-figure charts, and Japanese Candlestick charts.  The Examinations are designed to test and drive home the knowledge of these basic tools.  They are used in trend, trading range and turning point analyses for short, intermediate and longer time frames.”

– Henry “Hank” Pruden, Ph.D., TSAA-SF Chairman and Professor, Golden Gate University


The TSAA-SF Certification program can be completed at your own pace, allowing you to go over subjects in greater detail if necessary.  The review questions at the end of each section insure you are adequately retaining the information studied on the ChartSchool website.  Overall the experience is custom tailored for the individual trader who wants to broaden his knowledge of Technical Analysis without expending massive amounts of time or money.


Start your Technical Analysis Education with TSAA-SF now!


To find out more information, visit TSAA-SF.org and view all the items under the “Study Guide & Exam” menu.

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