OTM Market Update November 22 – BUY all around

  • The S&P gained 1.2% last week, rising to 2063.50.
  • The Russell 2000 lost 0.1% last week, falling to 1172.42.
  • Long Bonds (TLT) rose 0.5% last week, rising to 120.10.
  • Asset Allocation Model:  52% Stocks, 27% Bonds, 20% Optional.

As has been true the past two weeks, the S&P technical model says BUY in all periods.  The small cap Russell 2000 has now flashed BUY.  Overall market performance across the board is “in gear” with a rising market.  The Asset Allocation model is slightly even more bullish, with stock allocation rising to 52%.  As the charts below indicate, now is generally a good time to enter the market with wise buys.

11222014 GSPC 11222014 TLT 11222014 RUT 11222014 52wkhighlowdiff 11222014 pctabove30wma


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