1 thought on “OnTheMark Watchlist – First call for securities”

  1. i’ll be on vacation for the next meeting, so i thought i’d add some info about my watchlist picks. FF is a chemical/biofuels company formerly run by eastman kodak. it has been showing up on my stock screener recently, so i thought it was worth a look. here’s a link to an article that gives a much better summary than i could: FutureFuel Corp.: Growth and Good Value by Kerry Prazak of stockmarketplaybook.com.

    my other pick is TSLA — they’re controversial, inventive, amusing… maybe profitable someday. more interesting than TSLA may be the satellite businesses that pop up around it, but it’s fun to watch.

    looking forward to seeing everyone else’s picks (if i don’t get eaten by a grizzly bear)!

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