Market and Club Holdings Analysis Aug 23 2014

Attached are the technical charts for the overall market as well as the various Club holdings as of August 23, 2014.  As long as the S&P is doing well we are unlikely to see any broad breakdown in our portfolio.  Briefly:

S&P 500:  continues to run.  All intervals are BUY.

CVS:  Club has eked out a small profit in one week.  All intervals BUY.

QUAL:  Up 10% since purchase.  Indicators still BUY.

LEA:  Up 10% since purchase.  All intervals are BUY.

ESCA:  short term HOLD.  Net up 20% or so including re-buy.

MUR:  Short and Intermediate term HOLD.  Up 5% since buy.



08232014 CVS 08232014 QUAL 08232014 LEA 08232014 ESCA 08232014 MUR 08232014 TLT 08232014 ^GSPC


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