January 22 2012 market update

website has received a facelift through a software upgrade and other
changes.  You will note that all sample portfolios except for the recent
Investing Club are beating the S&P, with the Club up almost 6% in
two months but trailing the S&P by 0.19%.

Also included is
the restarted ETF Hedge Fund, which is designed to outperform the
general market by moving monies across 5 loosely-correlated ETF security
classes (general market, gold, real estate, bonds, and inverse market)
as the market rotates through up and down cycles.

We encourage
you to check out the ‘market commentary’ and other sections of the site
for information on market direction and trend as well as reasonable
sample portfolios.  And we continue to refine the new site to better
serve the general need — which is to keep investments “on the mark”.

Dan and Mark

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