2 thoughts on “Investment Club Investments – Technicals ahead of Monday night”

  1. PDW Comment:
    LEA, GOOG, ESCA – Hold
    CVS – Wide Stop/Wide Trailing Stop – Let the Winner Run But Protect The Earnings

    DAL – A tight stop ($44 – yup tight) or Sell
    Ah, the gut check/churner stock – rolled over or an incipient opportunity???
    With the recent crash, insider selling and Wall St gang generally favoring LUV, UAL and AA a bit more – not looking good
    If we want an airline – trade into AA or UAL?
    Discipline trumps hope…. a tight stop ($44) or Sell

    An update on PDWs Option playing…
    Modest QCOM profit
    Hammered on latest Scottrade Portfolio protective put (still a higher quality problem…market is up)

    Up 3% YTD overall in personal Scottrade portfolio
    AAPL, PSX, VFC, UNH all good
    Taking a woodshed beating on SDRL (Seadrill), at 11 couldn’t go any lower…….

  2. I do have concern about DAL (Delta). I keep hearing that oil may continue to go down and I get that, but we are now under water and I wonder what the upside impetus is going to be. Earnings report is April 22. That is a month and a half away. Am nervous on a technical basis, which is my perspective. Someone talk me off the ledge.

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