economic summary 1/17/2021

Economic Summary 1/17/2021

In the lower part of the chart below you can see that the difference between Phase 1&2 (expansion) and Phase 3&4 (Contraction) remains high at 4. You can also get to that math by adding the Phase 1 and 2 totals from the count below and subtracting Phase 3 & 4. Historically that bias of 4 is high. It presumes that the risk of investing in assets that are correlated to the economy is low at this point.

The model is invested in two Bond funds (MUB, BNDX) but also in commodities (PDBC), and as long as the correlation between bonds and the overall market remains positive I suspect that the algorithm will not change its opinion.

Phase Predictor Indicator
Phase 1 Total = 2
Phase 2 Total = 4
Phase 3 Total = 3
Phase 4 Total = 0

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