4 thoughts on “Club Meeting tonight – holdings analysis”

  1. Phil Walling Comments in Absentia:


    With the VXX low – a good time for an S&P 500 protective Put – I bought a Put for personal portfolio (lower premium/cost)

    I also bought 200sh of SDRL
    No not crazy, this was a “non expiring” option on oil
    I think oil price and rig count decreases have stabilized

    Looking hard at IBB (major NASDAQ BioTs)
    >50D MA
    Low volume
    MACD +
    RSI 62, range 40-75, moving toward fully bought
    A basket of the best BioTs

    On Club holdings:

    LEA – Hold or Hold w/a Stop
    27% gain
    >50D MA
    MACD Neutral
    RSI 60, range 40-60, fully bought
    Share repurchases

    ESCA – Hold or Hold w/a Stop
    30% gain
    At the 50D MA
    MACD –
    RSI 67, range 35-70, fully bought
    Increasing earnings estimates

    CVS – Hold w/a Stop
    30% gain
    At the 50D MA
    Higher sell volume
    MACD –
    RSI 48, range 40-70, under bought
    looks like it could break lower

    DAL – Hold (not ready to give up yet)
    4% loss
    Below 50D MA
    Low volume
    MACD +
    RSI 43, range 35-70, under bought
    Seymour on CNBC Fast Money-Buy Delta on pullback
    I hate flying Delta = bad for passengers, good for DAL

    GOOG – Hold
    Making money on Utube
    CNBC Fast Money gang predicts mid 600s

  2. Regarding Enstar (ESGR)(142.50), it is up 3.6% in the past month since purchase. There is resistance at 145 so I don’t think it is going to spring up much past that point in the near term — so I suggest we hold and perhaps increase our position if the price clears 145 cleanly (for 3 or more days).

  3. LEA – Still BUY by BofA and S&P Capital. BofA 12 month price is $125. Morningstar is a HOLD. Recommend we HOLD. I like the idea of a stop loss though to lock in profits.

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