OTM Meeting this Monday: A topic will be stoploss (again)

This is a reminder that the next OTM Investment Club meeting will be this coming Monday night, October 20, at 7:00 pm ET. One of our discussion topics has to be (once again) the option around setting a trailing stop loss on our investments.  Attached are the technical charts on four of our current holdings.  The Purple line is a trailing stop loss set at 4x Average True Range.  While it would have caused us to exit and then reenter our positions several times intra-month, that scheme would have saved us considerably in this downturn. So — how should we act on the securities we own right now?  And should we adopt a stop loss now and/or in the future?  Two questions for Monday.


10162014 CVS 10162014 MUR 10162014 LEA 10162014 ESCA

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