V45.2 Trading Report Portfolio slicer

Attached is a customized version of the Portfolio Slicer Power BI report containing v45.2 of the trading model. Attempts to refresh will fail since the data connections point to the Excel spreadsheet and PSData folders where data from external data sources are loaded (e.g. quotes and dividends).

The first several pages are additions to v2.4 of the PBI report from the Portfolio Slicer site. Some of the original pages have been modified and others are in development… the latter should be obvious.

I am still learning the data model and the meaning of many measures and am not an expert. I know enough about Power BI and Power Query to be somewhat productive and a little DAX. If anyone has DAX or MDX experience, please let me know so I can reach out to you for assistance if/when needed.

I will attempt to answer any question and welcome requests to improve the reporting which is evolving.


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