2 thoughts on “Phil Walling VFC and ADM Stock Review”

    • Mark/All,
      Mark of course U are spot on. These 2 stocks were suggested for your watch lists – good long term performers with good management – to buy at lower/better entry points (< $68 - VFC, < $46 - ADM). In that sprit I thought the market was headed into a minor correction - my 3 concerns were - China market collapse, Greek debt and tough earnings hurdles/comparisons for this Qtr. As of mid last week this scenario looked like probable (the S&P severe broke the 50 day to the downside). I also thought I saw a head and shoulders pattern in the SPY indicating a break to the downside. I was wrong. My what a difference a few days makes. The world is now apparently perfect and euphoric again.... I still think the market is in a 6 month horizon/time frame trading range (SPY - 205 low, quadruple tested and SPY - 210 high, triple tested). I have little conviction as to which way it will break longer term. I expect (hope?) earnings will be the longer term driver. In my Scottrade account, in the end I remain long term bullish (long stocks) and minor hedged with SPY Puts (say 70/30).

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