Miley Fundamental Portfolio Update

Hello, fellow investors.  I hope that this note finds you well and that your investments are doing well too. I hope that you took my advice on Skyworks Solutions since it is up about 54% since I recommended it in November.

This month I have a new stock for your consideration. The stock is DST Systems (DST).   DST is a company engaged in providing technology-based service solutions for clients in the asset management, brokerage, retirement, insurance, healthcare and other markets. Basically, the copy provides “back-office” processing.  With increases in trading by both individual and institutional customers, I believe that this stock has solid growth opportunities for a long-term investor. Its P/E is 7.29, ROE is 49, and annualized 5-year growth rate is about 14%.   The stock is currently priced at about $ 108 and I put its intrinsic value at 316 so I rate this stock as a strong buy.

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