Commentary for the week ending 06/26/2021

So we have an infrastructure deal, or do we?  I was happy at first to hear that a “normal” infrastructure deal had been struck on Thursday.  Then President Biden pulled the rug out from under us by saying it had to be tied to the progressive deal on the so-called “human infrastructure bill” (essentially a long liberal “wish list”).  Then this weekend Biden tried to walk that statement back by saying he would still sign the “normal” infrastructure bill!  More of the same from a do nothing government.  As for Biden, I am reminded of an old Buddy Hackett routine where he played a rude Chinese waiter who grows frustrated with a couple who can’t make up their mind on what to order.  He finally says “make up your f-ing mind, one from column A or two for column B!”.  


As for the funds, note that Netflix has shown some signs of life lately.  As I said before, I feel that the fears of competition from Disney or Paramount are unfounded.  Netflix has a lot of unique content that many users will still want to pay for.  Same goes for Disney and Paramount, they have unique offerings as well.  I can see many people keeping 2, 3, or more streaming services.  This makes me think of Roku as well – it is the agnostic provider to all, so I see some growth prospects for it as well (I had sold mine last year to meet some obligations – I wish I had held on to the stock!).  As for the other stocks in the portfolio, there was been a some movement in most of them, and even BABA and VIPS have recovered a bit.  Hold on for the ride as I have said many times before.


On the Income Fund, it has worked out quite well for us, hasn’t it?  Steady as she goes and collect (or reinvest) those dividends!  


Well, that is about it for now.  I may not have anything to say before the 4th of July, so I hope you all have a happy and safe 4th.  Happy Birthday to the USA!  


2 thoughts on “Commentary for the week ending 06/26/2021”

  1. There has been no “sell in May and go away” yet. In a different time, the idea of spending $3-6 trillion dollars (mostly borrowed) would give the shivers to the economy, inflation, the dollar…. Bernie throws around $6 trillion like it is walking around money.

    I still think that inflation is inevitable.

    Have a great 4th Dan!!

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