August 31 2011 Investment Club notice

August 31, 2011 Written by Super User Details: | Published: 24 August 2013

You are receiving this email because you previously indicated an interest in participating in an Investment Club. The necessary partnership papers have been filed and processed by the State of Kentucky. Federal and State tax preparedness is complete. The Partnership and Operating agreements are attached. A brief overview follows. Dan Miley and I are forming the OnTheMark Investing Club for two reasons. First, to develop a set of investments that build wealth and beat the market. Second, to develop a pleasant, purposeful, fun, and rewarding interchange among people that we respect, count as friends, or generally don’t hate too terribly much. Those of you that have read our newsletters know our investment philosophy and what you can expect. We hope that in joining the club you will be active participants in the stock selection process, and through this process we hope all of us can learn and become better managers of our own money. The attached document is 9 pages long. We tried to keep it as short as possible, but there is a minimum of language required when money is involved and you should find that we’ve hit the key topics. Unlike most investment clubs our members will be in many states, so our meetings will be web-based. We are requiring a minimum initial contribution of $2000, and a minimum annual contribution of an additional $250. We want to keep enough money in the portfolio to keep things interesting, but not so much that we cannot have an enjoyable time. We would like you to read the attached documents. If you are still interested, please reply to me by email and I will invite you to an organizational meeting shortly after Labor Day, where we will walk through any questions. After that, those interested will be asked for an initial contribution, and we will conduct an October meeting and begin the investing process. I encourage you to read the materials, and you are not under any obligation to reply in the affirmative. But let me know one way or the other if you are interested. Dan and I look forward to an OnTheMark Investment Club launch with you on board in the near term. read more